Do Chickens Breed Before They Lay Eggs?


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I think a better answer might be that they don't have to breed to lay eggs. I had chickens for
years without a rooster and the eggs were steady. Now I have a rooster and I am not so sure
they are laying more or less eggs. Having a rooster will protect the hens but he is not necessary
for eggs.
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Chickens lay eggs all the time its when the rooster feels like fertilizing the eggs that is when the hen will stay on the eggs to incubate them until they hatch into little chicks ask your mum and dad about the birds and the bees if you want more detailed information!
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If they want them to hatch yes!
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Domesticated chickens will lay eggs without mating because they have been selectively bred to do so .    So , no, they do not have to breed to lay  and therefore the eggs that are produced are not fertile.

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