I Heard That Feeding Chickens Lettuce Will Put Them Off The Lay Or Even Stop It All Together. Seems To Be Some Truth From Experiment I Had. Has Any One Else Heard Of This?


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I have been feeding lettuce for years - and bread and they don't  quit laying. Now, fruit WILL make
them stop. Maybe not right away but at some time the eggs will cease and some chicks will NEVER
lay again.  There is nothing in lettuce(s) that I am aware will hurt them at  all.  They eat grass and
they need the nutrients.
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I called Murray McMurray Hatchery, one of the nations leading chicken suppliers, regarding the
fruit issue. I had heard, and believed the same "old wives tale" that fruit would stop chic kens from laying. I was told that I was wrong - "Fruit will NOT stop a chicken from laying". Being a member of the American Poultry Association, I needed this question resolved for myself and hope it has helped others.
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I have been feeding mine lettuce for years without a "lay off". I know of nothing in lettuce that
is bad for them at all.  Free range chickens eat a lot of grasses and greens so the fact they are
"raw things" is of little concern.  I also feed mine bread and grain (scratch consists of raw corn
and wheat, oats etc.) I would however, consider the amounts of extras you feed your chickens.
Main diet should be their mash or pellets, which ever you feed. Too much extra treats could stop
them from laying. Be sure they have grit and oyster shell along with clean, fresh water every day.
DO NOT feed chickens any fruit!! That will make them stop and, in some chickens, it could mean
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I've been giving my two chickens lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and grapes which they particularly like. They are happy chickens and lay every day. My sister had kept chickens for years and they thrive on all her raw kitchen refuse, so I don;t think there's anything to this suggestion that lettuce is bad for them.
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Never feed chickens raw thing lettuce,potatoes etc. Bread cracker grain thing like that. I have about 20 chickens some stop laying at time but will start back soon try some laying mesh.good luck.
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I feed my chickens lettuce and they certainly slowed down the laying.   After stopping feeding them lettuce they seems to have increased their laying again.
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I feed my chickens fruit everyday and it hasn't put them off the lay. Lettuce put one of ours off the lay so we ate it.

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