I Want Some More Fruit That Guinea Pigs Can Eat?


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Ginea pigs need vitamin C, calcium, and phosphorus in their diet. You should feed your pets with the fruit containing ample amount of such nutrients, especialy Vitamin C.
Here is the list of the fruit that you should feed the Guinea pigs
1. Apple
2. Pear
3. Seedless grapes
4. Orange or any other citrus fruit
5. Apricot
6. Banana
7. Black berries
9. Cran berries
10. Lemon
11. Mango
12. Papaya

For a complete fruit chart, visit the following link
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I feed my guinea pigs...
- grape fruit
-blood oranges
-black berries
*I have read in many books and magazines that pears make guinea pigs bloated.*
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My guinea pig LOVES cucumber and tomatoes. I chop up the cucumber into small cubes and then put them in his bowl. I wouldnt give your piggie a lot of apples as they are acidy. A slice is ok. Try giving it:

savoy cabbage
romaine lettuce
strawberries and cherries
pears and apples
different types of melon
spinach and watercress

guinea pigs love crunchy stuff. Good luck!
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These arent all fruit but my guinea pig eats:
--potatoes [if you chop them in half]
--romaine lettuce

I might try tomatoes...

**I'm not sure if this is true for guinea pigs but its true for dogs...dogs can't have grapes because it can ruin their immune system but is that true for g pigs??-----> thats my question
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I read on a guinea pig rescue site that potatoes are bad for them. Don't know if it's true but that's what it said.
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Um guinea pigs absolutley can't eat potatos it makes them VERRY sick, but they can eat SWEET POTATOS. They can eat citrus fruits but it can cause sores around the mouth if they eat to much. Celery but cut it into small pieces the strings can cause chocking has erds. They cann eat pretty much all fruits EVEN DRYED mine loves dried carrots and apples. And they can eat black berries, but wont it get stuck in their teeth?
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Apple, pear- there is a wide range of fruit that guinea pig can eat. They like lettuce, carrots and cabbage-some have cucumber

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