How To Tell How Old Guinea Pig Baby Is?


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There is no definite criteria foe the determination of age in guinea pigs. But you can have some idea with weight.
  1. There is increase in length and weight up to 15 months.
  2. Weight of  adult male is 800-1.6 Kg and that of females is 700  gm to 1.3 Kg.
  3. Size of adult male is 30-35 cm and that of female is 28-32 cm.
  4. Babies are 60-100 grams.
  5. s weeks old babies have 100-200 gm weight and 4 weeks old have 200-300 gram,  6-7 weeks old have 300-400 gram.
  6. @-3 months old guinea pigs can have a weight of half kilogram.
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The only obvious way to tell how old a Guinea pig is is to look at the size. Babys (under a year) are about 4 inches long, and weigh about half a pound. Generally, the adults are about a foot long, give or take a few inches and can weigh up to about 5 pounds
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Yes take to vet it will know usually it will have up to 3 babies touch its stomach lightly if its a boy a weener will pop out if not its a girl

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