How Do Rats Adapt To Their Habitat?


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There are different ways as to how a rat adapts to its habitat. It all depends on where a rat lives and what kind of rat it is and how it adapts to its own environment. Rats can be found throughout the world excepting for Antarctica. Here are examples of three different kinds of rats and how they are able to survive in their environments.

· City Rats: City rats have adapted to living in a dank and dark sewer. Due to sewers being so dark, their eyesight is well developed. Their long claws grow on thickly padded feet that have long toes. This enables them to scurry up walls and over mounds of rubbish. Their jaws are extremely powerful and they have large teeth for chewing through scraps.

· Naked Mole Rat: This burrowing rodent is found in East Africa and lives underground. Their legs are short and thin and they can move forwards or backwards with equal speed. They have large and protruding teeth that are used for digging. Their lips are also sealed directly behind their teeth. This prevents the soil from getting into their mouths when they dig. These rats are well adapted to the low oxygen levels underground by having small lungs and an extremely low respiration rate. During long episodes of hunger, this rat is able to reduce its metabolic rate by 25%.

· Kangaroo Rats: These rats are found in North America and are adapted to survive in arid environments. They have the capability of converting dry seeds that they eat into water. They also possess specialized kidneys that get rid of any waste material with a minimal output of water. They also do not pant or sweat like other animals do.

People often think that rats are large mice. Mice and rats cannot interbreed, though. In fact, mice hate rats and vice versa. They will also attack each other. A domesticated rat makes an excellent pet as they have a very gentle nature and are actually very clean.
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Rats are incredible as they adapt to any environment as they are scavengers. They can live on ships anywhere really and the greater the food supply, even crumbs, the greater the numbers
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Rats, usually in the night during the activity.

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