How Do Bats Use Their Ears To Find Insects?


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Firstly bats are not entirely blind. But their eyesight is only suited to light conditions and it is not suited for hunting insects. Instead insect hunting bats use a system known as echolocation to hunt for prey. The bats use this technique by way of releasing loud and short bursts of ultra sound and sensors that are capable of catching or listening to the bouncing back of these echoes. Bats determine the type of insect and the distance it is at by the type of echo produced and the time it takes for the echo to return.

The echoes the bat produces are at a very high frequency ranging between twenty and two hundred kHz. This is beyond the limits at which men can hear. The bat's brain is also well developed and evolved to hear these intermittent sounds.
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They use there body parts to find there preys]

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