Do Bats Serve Any Useful Purpose?


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Bats are often given something of a bad press, but from a gardeners point of view they are extremely useful, because they kill insects.  In fact it is though tthat bats can eat as many as 600 insects per hour for four to six hours a night (although they do rest in between eating).  So from that point of view they are nature's way of keeping insect levels at bay.  
Bats trap the insects in thier wings, which is done in a flash.  It then pokes its head down to scoop the insect into its mouth.  Their teeth are very powerful, in order to break up shells or insect casings.
So they do perform a very useful function, but they are protected in the UK and you cannot 'get rid' of bats which may be roosting in the roof of your home, which can skew your view of how useful they are!
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Yes, bats have many, many!!!! Purpouses they eat 600 bugs in da night and keep goast away!!!!

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