What Does A Water Moccasin Look Like?


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The water moccasin is one of the most deadly snakes in all of North America. It has a large dark body and lives close to source of water. Its natural habitat is the southern United States and it can be found in some of the warmer northern states as well.

The water moccasin when it reaches adult status can deliver a very painful and potentially fatal bite. When they are disturbed they will stand their ground by coiling up their bodies and flashing their long fangs. It is the only semi-aquatic pit viper species in the world and they are very well known for being aggressive. Its diet consists of fish and frogs for the most part though some have been observed eating carrion.

Though the vast majority of the species are dark in color, they can have color patterns that can consist  of gray,tan, brown, and yellowish olive which can be overlaid with a series of ten to seventeen crossbands that are dark brown or black.  Their bellies are white or tan and the head of the snake is a uniform brown color. They get their name from the white interior of their mouths which are visible when they bare their fangs and they are also known as cotton mouths in the southern states.

Their habitats consist of creeks, streams, marshes, swamps, and on the shores of ponds and lakes. It has even been spotted in a few places swimming in salt water. It ranges from as far north as Virginia to all of the southern states and as far west as Texas. It is a very common species despite many efforts over the years to eradicate it in populated regions of the country. It remains a stable species in all southern states to this day and if you live in one of these regions, be on the lookout for it when outdoors to avoid being bitten.
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Long and snake like.

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