Is It Normal For My Duck To Have Labored Breathing After Swallowing A Fish Hook?


2 Answers

Daniel Tagliento Profile
The Vets opinion rules.! Do you have a smarter than the average fowl here? Could our finely feathered friend be contemplating a Nilistic point of view? That it's entire body & soul has been 'hooked' by the Big Fisherperson in the sky, and now is the captive of forces much bigger than itself...doomed to 'dance' to an unknown task master!

Not wishing and to avoid ducking of the inevitable...Has she uttered any public comment or even a one word evaluation of the quality of care, she may have received through the said Vet or has she made any remarks as to his competence?

Do you know any good Oriental cooks?
Pamela Van Lente Profile
Labor breathing is a good indication that she is in pain, or she has hurt some thing else inside. I would take her back in or call the vet and ask them what you need to do.

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