What Does A Regular Household Spider Bite Or Flea Bite Look Like Before They Get Infected?


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Initial Symptoms of all insects/spider are almost same. The severity of the symptoms depends upon the quantity of the toxin/poison injected. Initially all bites show redness and itching with clear signs of bite. After scratching it become infected. Apply hydrocortisone cream if there is no infection and take anti allergy medicines. If the area is infected then apply topical antibiotic. For photographs visit  Spider bite, Insect bite.
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Check www.brown-recluse.com If this is a brown recluse spider bite, you need to take action right away!  This website has a CURE and will draw out the poison so the bite can heal and not get worse.  No doctors or medicine can treat it, so don't waste your time or money...go directly to this website and order their product!!!I hope this helps!Tracy Sonshine
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I also wrote a comment to another brown recluse spider bite blog here, check it out! I to help people so they don't have to suffer from this horrible bite!!!

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