What Is The Procedure Of Giving A Dog An Enema?


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BEN GREGO answered
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take your dog to the Vet!!! You could do irreparable damage to the poor thing...and while you're there, ask the Vet about your dog's eating habits and the kind of food you are feeding it!!!! Does the dog get fresh drinking water at all times? Please do the best thing for your pet and go to the Vet!1
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1. Place leash on dog.
2. Place dog in car.
3. Take dog to vet.
4. Let vet sort it out.
You aren't trained in this and putting detergent into your dogs system could cause more damage than good. Rather let the professionals deal with it.
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terry rossignol
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folllow chilledpips advice!!!! get to the vet before it damages the poor dog!!!!! you should never give a dog an enema!!!!!! please go see the vet!!!!! good luck!!!!
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Do not give your dog and enema yourself.  Call your vet, and the vet will prescribe suppositories.  Absolutely, no way, shape, nor form, give your dog a detergent enema.  You could kill it or damage its internal organs permanently.  Good-Luck.
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Feed your dog a gravey type food with a little fish oil, this method will work without using any harsh methods.

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