Why Are My Rabbit's Testicles Big?


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Generally, rabbits have rather large testicles in comparison with their overall body size. However, if the testicles seem unusually large, then this could be a problem as rabbits do experience high rates of testicular cancer.

Also, the rupturing of a rabbit's testicle can cause serious medical problems for your pet.

The best course of action would be to take your rabbit to the local vet, who can give your animal a thorough and detailed examination to establish what is wrong and what can be done to help.

My rabbit's testicles seem rather big?
  • If the testicles are swollen for one reason or another, usually a vet can give your rabbit the necessary injections or medications to solve the problem pretty swiftly.
  • If not, the vet may have to perform emergency surgery to remove what is causing the swelling, or to remove your rabbit's testicles altogether.
  • The testicles are a very sensitive part of a male rabbit's body - so any swelling would cause your pet a great deal of discomfort.
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Rabbits normally have large testicles relative to their body size.

If your rabbit's testicles are asymmetrical or have both grown rapidly very suddenly (not during normal development) I would have this rabbit examined by a veterinarian.
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It is normal for the testicles to be big in a adult male.

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