How Big Are A Male Hamster's Testicles Supposed To Be?


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Usually, a male hamster's testicles are supposed to be large in comparison with its body size.

Hamsters usually have large testicles because, as a species, they breed quickly and frequently. Large testicles also make a male hamster more likely to attract a mate.

The size of a hamster's testicles will be determined by what breed of hamster it is, and by how large its father's testicles were.

You should only be worried about the size of your hamster's testicles if they seem a lot bigger than before, or if they appear red or swollen. If this is the case, then you will need to take your hamster to the vet immediately.

Why are my male hamster's testicles so big?
  • Hamsters usually have large testicles because they need to create large amounts of sperm, due to this species' breeding habits. The more sperm needed, the larger the testicles need to be to hold it, and to cool it down.
  • Usually the size of your hamster's testicles should not be anything to worry about, but as I mentioned earlier, if they suddenly become bigger or inflamed, then a trip to the vet will be necessary.
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A little bit tinier than a grape, but if you're worried, talk to a vet or, if you have no money to spend on a vet, take it to a person who breeds hamsters.

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