Sagging Rabbit Testicles -- Sign Of Illness? Should I Be Alarmed By This?


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I have a question about my angora rabbit for you.  As of the last month he has developed this little red cherry down in the area of his genitals.  I think it started from not keeping his cage as clean as I should have, (feeling very guilty here) and I think it's an infection.  But I didn't want to jump to conclusions, because I didn't know if it had something to do with breeding season .  He is a male.  My concern is that it hasn't gone away, He sometimes contracts it inside, it smells bad, and it seems to be, a bit raw, tissue sort of breaks and bleeds slightly from it rubbing on the bottom of the cage, a bit not a lot. Sort of like an irritation.  It literally looks like a small cherry, and is between his P. And his tail.  I was contemplating taking him to the vet,  He seems to be healthy otherwise, has never stopped eating and is bright and alert.  Yesterday had him out side all day on the grass.  Leanne
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Any abnormal behavior or clinical sign needs to be discussed with your veterinarian and your rabbit needs to be examined.  This could be incidental or could be serious--testicular abscess, tumor, torsion, or secondary to a change in posture and gait.  Some of these things are alarming and need treatment.
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 think that I would go see a vet asap! There are may things that it could be and not be but this needs to be addressed with the vet!

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