My 4 Year Old Mini Dachshund Is Limping And Did Not Want To Eat Or Drink This Morning. I Pulled A Thorn Out Of Her Left Armpit. Could This Cause Enough Pain For Her To Limp And Not Eat/drink? Should I Be Looking For Something Else? Thanks, Kimberly


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Yes, thorn in paw or arm can be painful in dogs and can cause limping problems because dogs can not put weight on affected paw, limb or leg. You have done right thing to remove the thorn from his arm, otherwise, thorn if not removed can cause licking by the dog on affected area and can lead to secondary infection. Dogs stop eating in response to any illness and pain is also among one of them. In fact almost every disease can cause loss of appetite in dogs.

You can give some pain killer medicines to treat pain and inflammation. This can be done by discussing with your local vet. So, you should get advice from your local vet in this regard. If conditions don't get better in couple of days then some other reasons are suspected.

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