What Do Butterflies Look Like?


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A Butterfly's appearance varies from breed to breed, with each type
having its own distinctive wing markings and size. There are, however,
many defining features common to all butterflies.  Butterflies
are insects, so by definition have a three sectioned body, a head, an
thorax and an abdomen. They all have six legs and four wings, a fore
wing and a hind wing on each side of its body. They have a long tongue
that circles in spirals when not in use. They have eyes to see and a
mouth to eat with. The butterfly's food of choice is nectar and is
therefore vital to the deco system as a pollinator.  All
butterfly start life as a lava called a caterpillar, enter a pupal stage
and form a chrysalis, and transform into a butterfly.  A
butterfly has two antennae, sometimes called feelers, which protrude
from its head. These tend to be slender, with a clubbed end.   Although every species has different markings on the wings, most tend to
be bright in color, although there are a few plain breeds, such as the
White Cabbage Butterfly.  Butterfly's have a slender body with a
relatively smooth abdomen.  Butterflies have fine scales all
over their wings. This is so they can absorb the solar radiation and
warm their whole body. For this reason most butterflies come out in the
day time, although there are a few nocturnal breeds.  Most
butterflies rest with their wings folded above their backs, although
they can often be found basking in the sun with their wings open.
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They are winged beautiful insects and they are very bright and colourful.
They usually feed on nectar from flowering plants with the little straws on their tongues.
It is a little weird that such a beautiful creature is an insect, but it's proof that not all insects are "creepy-crawlers" and not all insects are disgusting. Butterflies have an interesting life cycle, starting off with larva and caterpillars and such. They , however, have coloured wings and they have antennae of their "head" and the bottom of their body.
Monarch butterflies share a Mullerian Mimicry with Viceroy butterflies, but Monarchs are really harmful and poisonous, which benefits the Viceroys, for when they disguise themselves and mimic Monarchs, predators think the Viceroys are Monarchs and so they stay away from them.
Monarchs and Viceroys can be told apart, however. Viceroys have an extra black stripe in the hind wing, while Monarchs don't.
Here is a picture of a Monarch Butterfly:
Here is another picture of Monarch butterflies, mating:

Here is a picture of a Viceroy butterfly (you may notice the difference):
I hope this all helps.
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Haven't you ever seen a b'fly?Yes it can be called dragon with wings.It actually have a long oval body with wings larger than its body.Its wings have beautiful patterns.It is said that 70% of the butterflies have patterns not similar to each other,amazing!!.....And if you ever touch its wings,you can even get some powdered color of its wings on your fingers.
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There cute insects,that  have wings.with two parts to there wings front and back
and there wings are each separated into four parts.
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They are the most singular beautiful creature in the insect world, but if the peter cushing film, The BloodBeast terror is anything to go by, such insects are quite hideous up close. I wouldn't like them to be ten feet across, chasing humans, what for a lack of a natural diet. Can you imagine the size of the net a bug catcher would have to carry! LOL. Anyway, all insects add balance to the ecology of the planet, but would hate to see them huge! Have you seen the film 'Them!'
All joking aside, I think wasps are beautifully marked but that doesn't mean to say I'd like to tangle with them! Especially on a burning hot summers day. It's so funny to see people (men as well as women) hysterically running from them and producing such a comical highland jig in the process! So do I if the truth be known
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Butterflies remind me of colorful feathers being blown and tossed by the wind.  They seem so delicate and dainty that a slight touch of a heavy hand can kill or cripple them.  They are a joy to watch and can calm my soul as they fly from place to place.
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They Look Like Flying Crepe Paper.. Silent... Light As A Feather.. Colored Many Ways.. Very Gentle And Non Threatening. Not All Insects Look Like Dung Beetles Or Yellow Jackets.. Starting Out As A Caterpillar They Emerge Like A Princess
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They look like a sweet dream. Close your eyes and visualize a soft creature moving at it's own sweet pace. It's same as if a sweet dream. Hope you see it. Good Day!
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You're truly a nature lover..You see the beauty of all things in your own different ways..that's good.
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Thanks! I find it true and honest appreciation and motivation from your side.
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They don't have any legs
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Butterflys do have legs? How do they land on brances legs. There like little tiny sitcks. ^.^ ₩ËLL THANKS
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Arent there any in qatar? Here (if it works)  <html><style="text/css"><a href="" target="_blank"></html>    if not here is the same-ish link
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Well I loveeeeeeee butterflies they
are beautiful creatures and they are
colourful and fly with grace xx :)
luv them x
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A butterfly looks like a dragon just that it does not Blow out fire. A butterfly has a proboscis to suck nectar.

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