What Does A Starfish Eat?


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Depends on how old they are, and exactly which species. Biologically they are predatory and opportunistic scavengers. Generally they are carnivorous, but will subsist on algae and decaying organic matter (like other dead animals) when needed.

As tiny pippers (polyps) they eat algae, plankton, organic debris.

A bit bigger they will eat worms, and anything that they can catch.

As they get older, they move onto shelled animals, like oysters, clams, crustaceans (small crabs), sea urchins and mussels. Some starfish eat other starfish, too.
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Wow!! You went far out with that answer!! It is so helpful to me!! Thanks scavenger!!
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Do they eat all types of algae??
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Stonefish are ambush predators.
Able to blend in with the surrounding,
it waits for a fish or shrimp to swim by
within range and then moves with
astonishing speed, slurping up what had
been there.

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