Does The Starfish Have A Brain?


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A starfish is an extremely interesting, although weird creature, which lives in the water.
A typical starfish will have about five arms, although there have been several documented instances of starfish found on some beaches, with almost forty four arms! What is amazing about the starfish is that each arm has rows of tube feet, which will help the creature to crawl, attach itself to things, and to feed, and if for any reason a starfish loses an arm, it starts to grow back immediately!

A starfish has an essentially simple nervous system: it does not have a brain, and it does not even have ganglia that would help it to coordinate its movements. The nervous system of a starfish is therefore located in the nerve ring around its mouth, from which a radial nerve branches off and extends to each arm. It is this nervous system that helps the starfish finds its food, find a mate, and feed.

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