What Does A Mudpuppy Eat?


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A mudpuppy, a type of proteid salamander, eats aquatic worms insects, crustaceans and small fish and fish eggs. It lives in lakes, rivers and streams where there are plenty of prey and it has been found at depths of almost 30 metres in the Great Lake.

The mudpuppy is the largest and most widespread of the proteids, sometimes growing to lengths of over 40 centimetres. It lives from southern Canada to the southern United States. The North American mudpuppy can be identified by its fuzzy edged, dark blue spots on the background of a rusty orange coloured body.

The mudpuppy is generally nocturnal and it emerges to hunt for its prey only at night, although it may be active in the day in the shade of dense weed. Mudpuppies can live in a variety of water qualities – if the water is not very rich in oxygen, they have larger gills to compensate.

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