What Does A Thrush Eat?


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The thrush is a class of birds encompassing several species like the song thrush, mistle thrush, Swainson's thrush and the African thrush among others included in the family Turdidae.

The thrush' size ranges from small to middle with most species being about 25 cm in length with a wing span of about 40 cm; the thrush generally is found in many parts of the world preferring shady wooded places as its habitat. Most thrushes are insectivorous or omnivorous in nature with their feeding pattern changing according to the season.

It has been observed that thrushes that consume worms and insects like slugs in large quantities make do with snails when the conditions are extreme making it hard to forage; the song thrush is well known for its ability to crack open snail shells with the help of stones as for their vocal talents. Berries are another important part of the thrush diet while certain species also feast on fruits mostly in summer.
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There are many species of thrushes, and all have diets consisting of a combination of insects, berries and seeds. The specific plants and insects a thrush eats vary by region. They tend to feed mostly on insects and berries in the spring and summer and seeds during the winter.

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Insects like slugs or a snail.

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