I Keep Finding Small Black Bugs In My Bedroom With Brown/beige Spots On Its Back. They Are Very Small Around 2-4mm, They Appear To Have Wings Under Its Rounded Shell. If I Press Its Back It Runs Quite Fast, Can You Help?


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There are many bugs that fit the description of the bug you saw in your bed. Most bugs stay outside our homes especially on the soil and on plants. Some other types of bugs are also found on fabrics like clothes, mattresses and even carpets. Bugs that stay outside can also find their way into our houses by attacking on to the human body or our clothes.

The bug you saw could be a carpet beetle. They are round in shape and have different colors. Most of the colors on beetles’ spots are black, white, yellow or beige. They resemble ladybirds in so many ways. They are usually very small but they can grow up to 4inches long.

Carpet beetles are destructive and feed on pollen. They also attack fur, furniture, carpets and clothing. There are many species of the carpet beetle can take up to three years to grow from an egg to adult yet they only live for less than fifty days.

Carpet beetles are scientifically classified as:

Kingdom- Animalia
Phylum- Arthropoda
Class- Insecta
Species-Anthrenus verbasci

Since these beetles start causing damages during the larvae stage, you might need to find a way of doing away with them beetles and any of their laid eggs. The outer covering of an already grown beetle is large and looks like they contain the larvae even after metamorphosis to the next stage of growth.

There are over three hundred species of bettles. Some of these beetles look like bug species like the maculated scarab, Mexican bean beetle, Argus tortoise beetle and the crawling water beetle. These species can adapt to any kind of environment they live in.

The bug you saw could be a species of carpet beetles or any other bug that has similar characteristics. You can look at pictures of bugs and carpet beetles on on These sites have images of all creatures and a brief description of the same. You can try matching the images you saw with these images to ascertain what you saw in your bed.
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I think I may have found the bug you're looking for!!! I was searching for the same thing and I finally found a listing for the CARPET BEETLE. I found it on along with pictures that look EXACTLY like the bugs I was looking for. I hope this helps. Good luck!
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I am having the same problem. I have found about three of them so far over the last week. One in my bed. One on a sweatshirt in my closet and one on my bedroom floor. Haven't seen them anywhere else in my house. They are very small and black and have perfect circle spots on their back that are a tanish color. I haven't seem them fly or jump. I have no idea what they are or where they came from. If anyone has any idea it would be very helpful and I would be very grateful for any ideas or answers! Thanks!
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That is exactly what I am trying to find out if you find an answer please help me find out more,

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