I Keep Finding Little Brown Bugs Under My Cabinets How Do I Get Rid Of Them?


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Eek! Weevils! I had those once, they are terrible to get rid of. The best thing you can do is throw away any food not in airtight containers, even spices, that are in your cabinets. Then wash them thoroughly with a good soap and vinegar solution and make sure to get in the crevices well before putting anything back in there. Afterwards, make sure you keep all your flour, cornmeal, pancake mix cereals, and any other grain based foods in airtight containers, preferably in the refrigerator. Good luck with these buggers, they are dreadful!
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Thanks for the info. Weevils came to mind first but they don't look like weevils, arn't weevils hairy? These are brown and little round things and I find them everywhere. Not only in my cabinets but on the counter tops and even in the carpets. Thankyou you have been helpful!
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No, weevils aren't hairy. They are very small and look like miniature beetles. They come out pretty much whenever they feel safe, so you'll see less of them during the day and when you're up and about frequently. They do go on cabinets and whatnot, especially once you have a major infestation, since they start seeking out new sources of food. I tried to post a picture of what they look like here, but I couldn't. If you go to www.google.com and search weevils and click images you will see them.

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