How Do You House Train A Pitbull Boxer Mix Puppy?


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House training with all dogs could go two different directions. It could go well, which is the way is usually happens. House training is easy for the dog to do if it understands. Whenever the puppy goes to the bathroom in the house then take him/her and make sure it is looking by it and while saying No! To the puppy, point to it. After that, schedule times when to take your puppy outside. Once your puppy realizes it is bad to go in the house then the puppy will want to go outside and not in the house. Normally puppies should be taken outside every hour for 15 minutes. But if that doesnt work then add 5 more minutes to when you take the puppy out to make up for the hours you missed.
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House training a puppy is not fun at all. It is actually very challenging. I have a pitbull, german shepherd and boxer mix. His name is chance. He is actually pretty clumsy. He does not understand the meaning of no. Only STOP! And I always have to yell at him for chewing on something or peeing somewhere. I have actually considered getting professional to train my dog to see if he listens to the trainer. We will see ho all that works out.

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