Why Do Cats' Eyes Get Big When You Play With Them?


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Cats' eyes get big for a number of reasons.

Why do cat's pupils get big?
  • A cat's eyes will dilate according to its mood, as when a cat is excited, then its eyes will naturally get bigger.
  • The size of a cat's pupils will also depend on light - just like humans.
  • A cat's pupils will dilate when there is a low level of light. This makes it possible for the light that is there to be reflected into the eye.
  • When there is too much light, then a cat's pupils will contract, as do humans' eyes under the same circumstances. This makes it more difficult for light to enter the eye.
  • Cats' eyes may also dilute when they're hunting, which happens because the cat needs to be more focused, and to have more light in its pupils.
Cats are the most popular domestic pet in the world, followed closely by dogs, and all domestic cats are believed to be descendants of just five female African wildcats.

These animals were first domesticated for companionship and to rid crops of rodent pests such as rats and mice.
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Because when they play, it's what they would do to hunt for mice or birds, so their pupils open as wide as possible to capture as much light as they can to focus on what they are pouncing on.

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