Why Do Most Dogs Get Peeved When You Blow In Their Faces, But Hang Out The Window On Car Rides?


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2 reasons. 1) dogs can smell 1000 times better than we can, so whatever your breath smells like is probably not an odor they voluntarily seek out. 2) you are probably staring directly at them, and even holding their head so they don't move, which is a sign of aggression to a dog. By the way, one of THE WORST things you can let a dog do is stick his head out of a car window while it is moving. Why? Because dogs have no eyelids and the wind can dry their eyes out and small particles in the air can irritate/hurt their eyes.
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Kristi W
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I wanted to say something like that, but did not want to sound like I was insulting anyone!!! LOL Nicely put!!!
We have a winner folks!
Alan commented
You beat me to the bad breath breath notion..now what lol
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Typically, dogs don't like to be looked at directly in the face to begin with. I've witnessed aggressive dogs to attack people for staring them in the face.
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Lmao...you must be really bored. But now that you have brought this to our attention, I would like to know also. Maybe us blowing on them isn't as great as feeling like your ears and eyes are going to blow off your head at any moment...lol Good Question
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I would say it is because your invading their space,your breath stinks to them,they know your trying to irritate them and they react to it, or they don't want to get the swine flu from anyone by them blowing their germs all over their face....because they watch tv/news and apparently understand that is how the swine flu is passed from animal to animal..
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I think a sharp Puff! Into another dog's face must be an unpleasant signal of some sort, possibly aggression? It can't be because of the smell of your breath - let's face it , the little dears like sniffing wee and poo and long dead things.....
I agree with the point about eye damage - I never let my dogs stick their heads out of the window for that reason. Plus we saw a dog nearly get run over when it fell out of a moving car's window.
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Ouch! Very sad story...was the pup okay? My pup ♥s to have the wind n her face...I put her in a pooch backpack [worn to the front] and she wears puppy biker's goggles on our Harley rides...
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Mwahahahahaha. Whenever I would blow in my dog's face when I was a kid, she would start licking my face! I forgot all about that. But she knew I would have to stop blowing on her if she was licking me because I would be laughing so hard.
You and me both on the painkillers. In the middle of a nasty nasty root canal. Not so sure what kind of grades I'm going to get on my last couple of papers....and don't really care!
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Because hanging out of the car keeps them from getting car sick and helps them breath better. Oh yea they like to look at the window too. But it is a not very smart thing to do to blow in a dogs face, even one you know. There temperments can change quickly. Besides wouldnt you get peeved-as you say- if someone blew in your face I know I would.
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Nas....That's a doggie's reflex reaction. But it's also true, that you do this on purpose, to get them to swallow a pill. Also, when your giving them a bath you can do it, so they'll shake the excess water off themselves for you. ( after you put a towel on them, of course !!) The wind they get in their face when they hang out of a car window, is voluntary and doesn't shock them as the human blow does. Besides...doggies like to say hello to all the passersby. Especially Fire Trucks !! LOL

Nas...Glad your improving. Enjoy the painkillers. They can be Fun !!
BTW...I voluntarily collect spares...LOL
Ooops...did I just say that ?
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Oh Darn !!! Hafta think up a way to increase the size of that slot !!
But............I'm sure the male persuasion wouldn't like that. OMG !!
Did I say that too ?? LOL
greg c
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Boy, you are both very, very bad girls!! LOL! I guess blurtit accepts inuendos, don't they?!!
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My dog needs no encouragement to have a good shake after a bath. It takes great timing to get a bath towel over him before he redecorates the bathroom.
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I think that it startles them if you were to blow in a dogs face. But if they put their head out of the car window they are doing it because they want to.
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Good question. But I have a cat and cats do not like any wind on their faces. So who knows? Dogs are weird that way (sorry I am a TOTAL cat person!) :)
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I would get annoyed if people blew in my face, never mind the breath. Unless it was Shania Twain and she had brushed her teeth. ( well, maybe even if she hadn't lol.)
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Hey Big Girl you know darn well they are so closely related to male they would rather have the wind from a car ride blow in their face than a person, and do get offended about it, and don't get me wrong sweety not all males but a hugh portion, and you dog is mans best friend, I can't really give you a true answer because mine likes to hang out the window and try to bark at the same time,I just keep telling him keep trying never give up...that is my story but so glad to hear anything from you silly or serious...GET TO FEELING BETTER, you have my E.....HUGS
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I've always blown into my dog's faces, at their noses. When I have, though, I've always started off gently and worked up to hurricane speed! Maybe that has something to do with it. I've gotten a few sneezes and some friendly nips but other than that they seemed to have enjoyed it. And I've known other dogs to back away as well. If it's your own dog and you do it regularly then maybe they've grown used to it. Maybe they just accept it as you being a little weird for doing it! Who knows?!! I say ask your dog!! I mean God had Balaam's ass talk back to him so hey, you never know, right?!! But Nascarnut, I do see the enigma to your question. Whether it was prompted by the meds or not, it's a very interesting question!!
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When you blow in their nose they gasp and swallow!
When their heads out the window they are smelling the area!

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Dogs dislike blowing in faces because it's your breath not just wind. It's a way that horse trainers use to acquaint  themselves to their horses, blowing in an animals nose indicates that that scent is the one of the alpha. The car window is just wind, they love the speed.

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