Why Do Snails Melt When You Pour Salt On Them?


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Snails have a high concentration of water in their bodies. When salt is poured onto the snail, the water contained in the cells of the snail is extracted out to the salt, to be obsorbed into the salt. This is a process known as osmosis.

You can find more out about osmosis here.
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rami agha answered
Since snails contain a lot of water, when they are exposed to salt the water inside them rushes outward to neutralise the concentration of salt and thus leaves the snail all shrivelled up which leads to it's death from dehydration
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Snails shrivel up or ''melt'' because the water in their blood cells try to balance out the salt.
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Robyn Rothman answered
The snails don't really melt. They just shrivel up.

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