How Do You Build A Wasp Trap?


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The following steps would explain how to build a wasp trap in the simplest way possible. A wasp trap can easily be built at home, using such articles of everyday use as one 2.72-litre container of milk which is made of plastic (you can substitute this by using one large PET bottle of Coca-Cola or Fanta or juice), one roll of black duct tape (in other words, duct tape which is basically light-proof) and one sharp Stanley knife.

PET is an acronym. The full form of PET is polyethylene tetrachloride. The bottom half of the container or bottle must first be covered in black or opaque duct tape. The entrance flaps must be cut. This can be done by cutting through the duct tape and the bottle to make the flaps that resemble the hinged letter box-type flaps. Then you have to make holes for scent or ventilation. Then you must make some bait for the wasp and fill it in the lower part of the bottle. Fruit juice, vinegar, etc. make good bait for wasps.

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