How Do I Build A Blue Crab Trap?


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Building a blue-crab trap isn't all that difficult - just follow these steps!
List of Supplies and Where to Find Them
  1. Wire
  2. Ties
  3. Ropes 
  4. Clips. 
  5. You'll also want to pick up something that will add some buoyancy to your trap.
You should be able to find all your supplies at your local do-it-yourself or tackle shop. As far as the wire goes, you want to use the appropriately-named crab pot wire. Shop around for whatever clips, hooks or ties will be easiest for you to use to keep your trap together. Purchase a rope of medium thickness and use your best judgment in selecting something to help your trap float.

Measuring Supplies
  1. Once you have all your supplies, you need to measure them according to the size of your trap. Assembly should be fairly easy and will consist of you bending pieces of the wire into the right shape, fastening them together with ties or clips, constructing the trap's doors, and attaching the flotation device. 
  2. I'd suggest beginning by starting to measuring your wire. If you're building a 30 cm by 30 cm by 15 cm trap for example, then you'll want to cut two pieces of crab pot wire, one sized 40 cm by 30 cm and the other 60 cm by 30 cm. Then you'll want to cut two 15 cm by 30 cm doors, one in each piece.
Assembling Your Trap
  1. Bend the two pieces of wire so that they each take an even "U" shape that should easily fit together. Fasten them in place. When done correctly, there will be a opening on either end.
  2. Take the doors you cut out earlier and attach them using whatever connector you choose. Note that the doors should still be able to open and close with some ease.
  3. Next, take about 60 cm of rope and thread it through the cage so that you can tie it to the top of both of the doors. If you did this correctly, then the doors should remain open when the trap is on the ground and close when you lift the trap by the string.
  4. Finally, attach your float with some extra string and make sure that everything is secure. 
If your trap not only functions well but stays together, then congratulations are in order. You've built a blue crab trap!
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The trap must have three 2-3/8" escape rings, and a degradable portion such as loop of jute twine on the tie-down strap. 

The recreational crab trap must be marked with a two-inch "R" and the fisherman's name and address.
There's a 10-gallon bag-limit on blue crabs. See the link below for more information:

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