How Do You Trap An Alligator?


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You must know that trapping alligators without a legal license is not permitted. Only official wildlife authority can issue this license to people who work for them and trap alligators for specific reasons like to relocate or treat them. Alligators can be readily trapped by the means of attraction. A baited hook is usually used to trap one. One can bait a hook with one of different kinds of meat like fish, beef; chicken etc. a baited hook is suspended from a tree or a pole at least 2 feet above the surface of the swamp or water. To catch a smaller alligator, the bait should be set closer to the water. Evening is the best time to set the trap and should be left over night. Once the alligator swallows the bait, the hook is entangled in its stomach. There is rope attached to the hook which retrieves the alligator. This method can, however, kill or injure the alligator.

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