How To Get Rid Of Calcium Build Up In A Dogs Spine?


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Calcium buildup is from an excess of calcium within a dog's diet. It is important to always ask the advice of a veterinarian if you are in doubt about your pets' healths. Some dogs are more prone to excess calcium than others. If your dog is suffering from calcium build up, you can try the following natural treatment:

  • Feed your dog a natural food. This means meat that is obtained from the butcher, and not dry or canned food.
  • Carefully shave the dog's back over its spine. This is for better penetration of applying the following:
  • Apply drops of some magnesium oil with minerals over the dog's spine.
  • Then, apply about 15 ml of DMSO 70/30 down the spine once in the morning.
  • Apply another 15 ml of DMSO 70/30 down the spine once in the afternoon.
  • Apply another 15 ml of DMSO 70/30 with some PAPAIN down the spine once before bedtime. This helps to dissolve any calcification.
  • You can also put one teaspoon of MSM in the dog's food and in its drinking water. This helps to work on the calcium internally.
  • Put half a teaspoon ZEOLITE in the dog's food. This will help with the body's recovery process.
  • It is very important that the dog does not jump and move around too much while on treatment as this could damage their nerves. Keep them away from steps.
Dimethyl Sulfoxide or DMSO is a liquid known to permeate the body's living tissue and is thought to help in stimulating cellular processes.

Papain is a natural enzyme found within unripe papayas. It is also found in meat tenderizers and helps in breaking down tough bands that are between the fibers of muscle tissue.

MSM provides sulfur and supports many essential biochemical processes within the body.

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