How Do You Get Rid Of Attic Flies?


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Attic flies are known as the large, black pesky flies that normally show up in bedrooms, or on the windowsills, they are mostly around from the late fall to the early spring. These attic flies are also known as cluster flies. Once these flies enter the house it is very tough to get rid of them, a better option would be to start the prevention of these flies, the attic flies normally enter the house through electrical outlets, open windows, small cracks in the walls.

If you can seal the openings of the house and windows, and also the cracks it can very well prevent your house from their infestation.

If they are already in your house you can apply fly strips, or fly papers. You can also use vacuum cleaners to suck them in and get rid of them; you can also spray them with the household insecticide known as aerosol sprayer or with the use of the hand vacuum.
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You need to make sure the attic is clean and aired dry. They love moisture and dark, so if there is too much up there, they are always going to be there. You should also make sure that anything that can retain moisture is sealed properly. Hope this helps, good luck to you.

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