How Do You Get Rid Of Vole?


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Voles are often confused with another kind of pest that is as much of a nuisance, that is, moles. One should be sure of what rodent one is trying to get rid of, as techniques differ.

One can make use of do-it-yourself methods that work quite efficiently. One of the methods includes exterminating voles which are causing damage to your garden or lawn. This can be done by implementing the use of poison baits or mouse traps. Poison baits or rodenticides like ZP Gopher Bait are generally made use of. Poison baits have a drawback in that they hold potential danger to other forms of life.

One can also consider trapping voles by mouse traps. One should place the trap perpendicular to the vole runway, making sure to align the trap's trigger with the vole's path. Peanut butter is suggested by many as a sure-fire way to trap a vole.

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