Can Dogs Be Allergic To Meat?


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Some dogs can become allergic to certain meats though the reason behind it is unknown. They seem to simply wake up one day and have an intolerance to the food and it can cause an allergic reaction. Meats such as beef and pork are common ones which some dogs have a problem with.

These allergies tend to give the same reactions as other allergies in dogs. So once your dog has eaten meat, keep an eye on them to see if they suffer with any symptoms. Constant scratching is one of the most common symptoms and it will generally happen not too long after they have come in contact with the meat. Nasal discharge can also occur, as can wheezing and coughing. As mentioned there are no particular reasons why dogs suddenly become allergic to things but if you do notice it happening in your dog take them to a vet and seek their advice.

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