What Does The Inside Of A Rabbit Burrow Look Like?


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It can be quite difficult to know exactly what a rabbit burrow will look like, but there are some facts which have been gathered from doing extensive research on animal behavior. First of all, we do know that the actual name for one of these complex networks is a warren, and that they are typically up to three meters in depth. There will usually be more than one entrance for the rabbit to enter through, and there will be areas where the rabbit can nest. Rather comically, experts have even found that these beautiful creatures allow space for living!

Of course, not all warrens are created equal, and there will be quite a few rabbits within one colony. There will be a fight to establish which rabbit is the most dominant, and from there this doe will be able to select the best warren. Usually, this battle is established by which rabbit is best at breeding, and other rabbits which appear to be inadequate in comparison will simply mingle with other rabbits. If they are ever found to be near the warren of the dominant doe in the colony, they will be chased away without too much time being wasted.

Rabbits like being clean, but it doesn't mean that they don't have a few eccentric habits. For example, did you know that rabbits eat the poop that passes through their system once to get more nutrition from the feces? In addition, were you aware that many rabbits can produce up to 20 bunnies a year?
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A deep hole in the middle of the ground.
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Dark and smells of rabbit
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It probably looks really dark inside n it  and I think that maybe it leads to other burrows =)

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