Can I Leave Father Rabbit In With Baby Rabbits?


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He most probably will not hurt the baby bunnies, but the mother may hurt him because she wants to protect her babies.  The mother can get pregnant even on the same day she gave birth, so if you don't want anymore baby rabbits to take care of, you should bring the father to a rabbit-savvy vet to get neutered asap.  I would suggest that you 1) give the father his own cage or area but in a place where he can still see the mother; 2) get him neutered; 3) let him spend time again with the mother approximately 2 weeks after he gets neutered.

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Re #3 suggestion: I meant to type 3 weeks, NOT 2 weeks. Even once a male rabbit has been neutered, his sperm can still live in his reproductive tubes for 3 weeks. You should seperate the father from the mother, for her sake. If she were to give birth again before her litter is weaned, it would obviously not be good for her health or the health of her babies. But still, it is important that the father and mother are still able to interact (they have a strong bond) but not allowed to mate.

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