Can Cats Eat Egg?


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Can cats or kittens eat eggs?

If you are going to give your cats eggs, then make sure the eggs are cooked. Raw eggs can be dangerous to give to cats.

Cats do not need eggs in their diet, anyway, although some cats have been known to have a fondness for them.

If your cat does like eggs, then they should only have them very occasionally, as their bodies are not designed to digest such foods  - although eggs shouldn't cause them any harm.

The one ingredient that cats certainly do need in their diet is protein.

Unlike humans, cats do not need a balanced diet containing plenty of fruit and vegetables to stay healthy. A cat's diet should always been primarily made up of meat - which is their main source of protein.

  • Although it shouldn't harm the cat, giving eggs to your feline friends should not be a frequent occurrence.
  • If you're going to feed your cat egg, then make sure it is thoroughly cooked - raw eggs are very bad for cats!
  • The staple meal for any cat should be meat, as this contains all the protein that its body needs.
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Cats love eggs.

I had a friend who, when he ran out of cat food, made them scambled eggs so they wouldn't go hungry - but don't do this too often, otherwise then all the cats will want is eggs and they won't go back to regular cat food.
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My cat eats eggs.

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