My Cats Eat Potato Peels. Is That Normal?


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Cassidy Naidoo answered
It sounds rare, but many pets display similar behaviour. This is due to many different reasons, one of them being the animals preference/ taste.

Don't despair - a few potato peels wont do much harm to the cats.

To answer your Question it is not normal for cats to eat potato peels.
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michelle cherry answered
It maybe a vitamin deficiency. What I did for my kitty's was just take a big (long not thick) sponge, put it on a plate of water then sprinkle bird seed on it. As soon as that bird seed grows, well I don't think it will- because my kitty ate it ALL before it even got 3 inches tall. Just keep it watered and in a spot that kitty can get it. It's also sold in some pet stores in a Lil kit, but my way is just as good and twice as cheap!!! Enjoy!
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Our 9 year old cat loves potato peel and as soon as my wife starts peeling she runs to join in! She licks and chews them and eats a bit but not much. Also she loves to drink the water left from heating tinned sweetcorn. She wont eat any kind of 'wet' cat food and only eats dry Purina. Yup. Cats are barmy!

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