Can Dogs Eat Coconut?


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It will most likely not damage the GI tract, but it is not exactly healthy for your dog.

  • Speak with a vet
Our site is not based on medical professionals including vets. Since we are not medical professionals we urge you to speak with a vet in the event your dog has accidentally swallowed coconut.

Coconut is a hard substance and larger pieces could affect your dog's digestion. They may get stuck, but dogs are also notable for being able to eat just about anything and digesting it without too much trouble. If you suspect your dog has swallowed something dangerous or is affected by swallowing the coconut you should definitely speak with a vet.

  • Eating coconut
A dog in general, will probably not choose to eat coconut unless there is an issue with their regular food. For instance, if you leave out coconut and not their food they may get desperate and decide to try it. A lot of dogs have eating disorders in which they tend to eat too much if their food is left out. Desperation is an issue when it comes to eating things. To avoid this just make certain there is nothing your dog can get at that they may eat.

Obviously, if an entire section of coconut including the shell has been swallowed this is dangerous and requires a vet visit. There is an issue with eating certain types of food such as chocolate. Chocolate is majorly dangerous for animals including dogs.

If the coconut is inside a chocolate bar it could be a huge issue. Chocolate tends to be dangerous for a dog's digestion due to the caffeine. A small bite may not be an issue, but you definitely do not want to give your dog food that is not normally meant for them.

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Yes dogs can eat coconut pulp and the white milk. Don't let them eat large quantities or it will soften
their stool. Do not let them eat the hard shell.
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shamar shamar answered
Not sure about the drinking but my dog eats coconuts.
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I  am pretty sure it is not bad for them.

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