Is Coconut Water Good For Dogs?


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Whether coconut water is good or bad for dogs is much debated. Whilst some people feel that it has no affect upon man's best friend, others claim that it acts as a laxative, and therefore should not be given to them, as this could cause dehydration, or even, in extreme cases of prolonged diarrhea, malnutrition.

  • Who to ask for advice

Because of this, the best person that you can ask would be your vet, as they will know and understand the implications, if of course there are any, of giving this to your dog. They will also be able to take into consideration various different factors that may not normally be considered by the general public, such as the breed of the dog, its weight, past health and allergies.

It is extremely clear that you care for your dog, as you are looking for new ways in which to treat it for its good behavior, and so speaking to your vet really would be best as it is not worth jeopardizing the health of your pet.

  • About coconut water

Found within young coconuts, coconut water is a clear liquid that has proven to be extremely popular drink Africa, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean and the majority of the Pacific Islands, such as Hawaii. It is obtainable in many different forms, including canned, bottled and fresh and are sold everywhere, from the obvious places, such as beaches, to the less apparent locations, such as highway stops.

Coconut water is more than just a refreshing beverage though; in some developing countries it has been used as an intravenous hydration fluid in place of medical saline, as it is cheaper and, in some cases, more readily available.

Also, as it is high in both potassium and minerals, coconut milk is now being advertised as a sports drink that can be consumed by people of all ages.

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