How To Get Rid Of Lizards At Home?


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Lizards may be pesky irritating creatures, but my best advice would be, leave them alone. They do eat up the large number of other pests around the house, like flies and mosquitoes, which cause more harm than the poor harmless lizard.
However, if you do feel that you have to get rid of them, you can try placing empty broken eggshells around the areas that they frequent, believe me, lizards hate them, and will stay away until the eggshells are removed. On the other hand, try placing sticky mouse traps around the house, lizards get attracted to this, and a few get trapped inside. This may seem to be an inhumane method, but has to be done to get rid of these creatures. If you do not want to do this, you could call the local pest control centre, and they will tell you what to do. There are some people I know who stand around shooting these creatures with a shotgun when they spot them, and this can be a complete waste of time for you!
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I hate lizards and geckos. I am having my house fumigated and removed most of my plants around the house. I hope this works. I use moth balls as well. I hope that is working.
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They may seem completely harmless but in reality they are quiet dangerous pests. There are not many ways by which you can get rid of lizards, but you can try ways like fumigation, apply pest sprays near places where you see lizards frequently.

Another effective way to get rid of lizards is by attacking their food supply, which means controlling the insect population in your house, with the help of sprays and other bug repellents. At times, even cutting their food supply also doesn't make all the lizards go away. Under these circumstances all you can do is dispose them of in nature's way.

House cats are usual predators of lizards, so you can let the cat prowl the spot where the lizard has been seen.
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Place moth balls around the house they cannot stand the scent
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I don't see why anyone would want to get rid of lizards(want to get rid of something *looks around* get rid of spiders)
lizards help to keep the bug population lower, they don't ask for much but a warm place to lay, a water supply, and a few tasty bugs, yes some lizards can be harmful, but honestly I don't see why they would attack unless they feel cornered and threatened, just let them be and if there getting into your house trying looking around the basement, or around the outside of the house for cracks small/ or big enough for them to get through and cover it up, do not spray bug repellent on anything cause if the bugs die from it the lizard will eat the bug and your pretty much hurting a food chain, just let them be and do what I say, if you need more help just message me.

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