My Cat Is Confused Walking In Circles Bobbing Head And Restless. What Is Wrong With My Baby?


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Your cat most likely has an inner ear infection, I came home to my cat doing the same thing one night and rushed her to the emergency vet not knowing what was wrong with her.  They said she had an inner infection which throws off their balance and perception and they look confused.  Your cat needs to see the vet to get a prescription to take care of the infection.
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She may be blind hold her a little way away from a counter where she can reach it then hold her against it if she doesn't try to get on it or it looks like she can't see it she may be blind. That's what I heard.
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Take her to the vets! She might have eaten or drank something she shouldn't have had. Has she been outside at all?
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We also have a cat that circles around the table upto 300 times when she does which is every night. We have noticed that after the circling he needs the loo. We put her outside and she relieves herself and then she is fine.
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My answer is yes--wouldn't you go to the dr if you had this unusual behavior

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