Will My Cat Come Back Home?


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Last summer my indoor outdoor cat was gone for 8 days. I put up posters,went to a ton of rescue places etc. I finally told myself that there was nothing more that I could do, said a prayer and left it to God. I had pretty much resigned myself that he was gone and hoped he wasn't hurt or with some mean person. Then at 5:30 am I heard him meowing outside my bedroom window. I thought I was dreaming. He was not hurt but pretty thin. I made him stay in for a few days and had him microchipped. He still goes out but fortunately he keeps coming back. I think he may have gotten shut up in somebody's garage or something. Keep the faith. I have heard other people's stories about their cats being gone for a long time 8-)
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I'm not psychic but for your sake I hope it does, it sounds like you miss it very much... I'll pray for your kitty's safe return :)

Happy Valentine's Day!
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This has just happened to me too. . .I'm simply worried sick!
My cat is a female, and she usually comes back every night to eat her food, but she's
been gone for 3 days straight!
We printed out like, a hundred posters and checked 11 vets and the SPCA,
but no luck.
I hope your cat comes back! I know exactly how you feel!

I do sudgest getting it microchipped, and check the SPCA every two days, they only 'hold' stray cats for
three days before. . . . . . . . . . :( :( :(

Oh well. . . . . . . .. Best of luck!

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