Will dinosaurs ever come back?


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I'm here 🐊.

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My grandson thinks they never left ... Lol  We decorated his room at our house with dinosaurs .. He loves them.  There's even a place near hear called "Dinosaur Land"!!! 

dinosaurland.com/      He loves that place.

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Nope, they've had their time at the top of the food chain. Humans rule the Earth now. Maybe they'll be back during the next cycle of the Earth after the humans or another event wipes out all life.

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We manage to clone dinosaurs, like the movie Jurassic Park. This is a lot more likely to happen, but there are problems with it right now. The biggest problem is finding DNA from dinosaurs. In Jurassic park they found it in prehistoric mosquitoes that got fossilized in amber, but there aren’t many of those in the whole world, and DNA is very fragile, heat and cold will break it up and destroy it. So even if you find a mosquito that was full of dinosaur blood just before it got trapped in amber, the DNA in the blood would be full of gaps. And you can’t just “fill in the blanks” with frog DNA like they did in the movie, even if the DNA was compatible there are so many gaps to fill in you’d end up with a frog with a few bits of Dino-DNA, not the other way around.

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