It's pets time! In what ways do you treat your pet like a human?


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I talk to mine.  Some random meow, and I'm chatting away!

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They are taught manners. People look at me funny when we are out and they start to get excited and I tell them to mind their manners. Or if I need to step where they are standing I say "excuse me" and they move.

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I talk childish to her and tell her I love her about 50 times a day.

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HappyTo BeHereTo
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Sure! It's only right we should talk to our pets. What are we supposed to do when they ask us a question, ignore them? Phzffttt. That would be rude.
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Don't laugh.... Okay you can laugh cuz it sounds funny! I was awake at like 5 am one morning and one of my daughters cages was empty. I waited a few hours wondering how I am gonna tell her that her pet escaped..... When she woke up I said "where is Flap Jack? I didn't see him in his cage last night?" She said "he is right here." She had her pet bearded dragon in her cleavage sleeping with her! The dang lizard stayed there the whole time.... Didn't try and escape at all! For a reptile he really has a personality and he is friendly! He likes people so she takes him everywhere.

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Yin And Yang
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Tiger... she went a little over board when her hubby got deployed. When she left here she had one lizard. When she came back she had 9. I told her no more till she gets her own place. (Waiting list for military housing) Most of them are friendly. She has one that is a booger and bites. I don't let her take that one out of the cage. She also came with guppies and a frog. And her rabbit is still alive. Lol! I understand the loneliness but enough is enough. She can't use the lonely excuse now with her siblings all around her! 😅 Anyways, Flap Jack and the bunny (shhhhh don't tell them) are my favorite. The bunny has three legs so he is special and the lizard has a personality I would have never believed a reptile could have. When I come and visit you Tiger..... the critters will not be with me! 😄 Promise! ☺
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Happy..... the story behind Flap Jacks name is.... She had just bought a new lizard. (I think this was lizard number three.) And it's name was pancake. She didn't even have him 24 hours when a lady was driving too fast and hit the tail end of my daughters car totaling it. Well she learned the hard way why pets (or lizards) shouldn't go in a car. Pancake went flying and hit the windshield. It ended up scaring him to death. So here I am trying to help her get through her first car accident and she keeps crying over Pancake. I told her "whatever you do PLEASE don't rush out to buy another one thinking it's gonna replace Pancake. It's not gonna make you feel better." Another time I was trying to crack a joke and said "You better not come over with a new lizard named Flap Jack or waffle or hot cakes or something....." she laughed so hard at Flap Jack and said she was gonna get a Flap Jack one day. I didn't believe her.... till she introduced me to Flap Jack. Lol! (Most of her critters are rescue animals)
HappyTo BeHereTo
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Oh poor Pancake.
This guy looks like a flapjack with legs and a head! :D
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My dog has her own recliner in the living room, her own pillow in bed, I talk to her as if she understands, she gets a mani/pedi once a month, she gets an appetizer before her dinner and she gets a snack before bed, just like her old man.

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I talk to her.

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I talk to my dog. She likes the sound of my voice and knows by the timber whether it is a good thing or bad thing I am relaying to her . . . .

My Son left his Bird (Green-Cheeked Conure) with us while he is away in college . . . I sing to him and whistle for him a couple times a day.

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HappyTo BeHereTo
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They're LOUD!!! I recommend you come up with a gentler contact/greeting call to replace the natural scream. We whistle when we get home for her "hello." We whistle when we approach the cage for a fun visit. And, whenever Birdie would attention scream, we'd give that short whistle. It takes awhile.

She still screams when she wants to share our snack. :\
Darik Majoren
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I'll try to whistle back. I currently try to just say "Hi Sabi" . . . (His name is Wasabi) . . .
HappyTo BeHereTo
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Great name! Ours is Birdie. Rather like naming your dog Doggie. :p

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