Cut off from civilization with your food having run out, would you eat your pet(s) in order to survive a little bit longer?


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Darling Divaa Profile
Darling Divaa answered

I can honestly say NO.... I would rather eat bugs than one of my two furry four legged boys. 

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Ray Dart answered

Reg Crusoe was shipwrecked on a desert island with his faithful dog Rover. After a few weeks the food on the island had started to run out.

Eventually, Reg looked at his dog and said "It's you or me now Rover", and he quickly dispatched him with a rock, trying to forget what a faithful companion he had been.

Rover made a good few meals.  Rover Pie, Rover fricassee, Rover sole etc. 

In deference to his lost companion, Reg saved all the bones in a pile, to make a single decent burial later.

A few days later he was rescued. His last act before leaving was to inter the remains.  He looked wistfully at the bones. "What a pity", he thought, "Rover would've loved those!"

Wizeold Dogmom Profile
Wizeold Dogmom , wizeold Dogmom, answered
  • Not me. I wouldn't have to. All anyone has to do is learn how to build bird traps and rabbit snares along with fishing skills and a knowledge of the local edible plants. If it has feathers you can eat it.
Paul Smith Profile
Paul Smith answered

I honestly would rather starve to death the eat my pet dog. My dog gives unconditional love, I wish that all people on this earth had that quality. A pet will accept you almost no matter what, as long as you show it love and kindness. A loyal friend through good or bad times. While friends and family may abandon you, your pet will forever be loyal.

King Borris Profile
King Borris answered

Never. I'd let my dog eat me.

PJ Stein Profile
PJ Stein answered

Seeing as my dog is a better hunter than I am, that would insure certain death for us both. Besides I love her too much. That would be like killing my child.

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Coyote Hunter answered

No, I live in the country, deer walk through my property and they know of me well enough I can just walk out and shoot one up close.

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