What has your pet taught you?


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She taught me that if a meatball falls on the floor, just let her eat it. It's gonna be full of her hair anyway.

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To live in the moment.  Unconditional love and forgiveness.  Oh and sleep is a good thing. I look at him sleeping and I think to myself " That'sa good idea right now."

~ yawn ~

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That when they pass they leave a hole in your heart that can never be filled. The good news is when you get another one your heart grows so that hole doesn't feel so big. 

They also teach you to live in moment. If you have ever had a dog that has a terminal condition, you know they don't know they are terminal. They will still live their life to fullest without a care.

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This question was asked on the anniversary of the death of my boy Thor. It was rough enough with that but also the same day I got the news that lump removed from Skully was cancerous. Skully will be fine, as they got the whole tumor and the type of cancer is rarely life threatening. Some of you who have had multiple pets know that while you love them all, sometimes there is one you have a special bond with. Thor was that one for me.
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She taught me that a walk out the path and back just isn't as enjoyable by myself.

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We see people with their dogs hiking all the time. So fun! I often wish I could have one. I'd never be without a hiking buddy. :)
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She likes to lead the way. I only wish she were taller so she would walk through the spider webs. LOL
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Feed me or ,, Ile walk on u

And constantly meow till u feed us -

In other words

Feed us or suffer

The clouder or glaring wrath !

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My one dog was a boxer and climbed on the table and ate the whole half of leftover meatloaf , so never leave the kitchen with food on table unless it's covered real good or put the leftovers away than retire to the livingroom . Lol

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