Please someone help. My 8 year old keeshond has numerous masses in his abdomen. Surgery not an option. He is drinking on his own but refuses to eat anything. Is it cruel to force baby food in his mouth?


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I'll have to ask if you have had the dog to the vet? Are the masses cancerous? The masses may be blocking his intestines, therefore making it hard or impossible for your doggie to digest food. If this is the case, eating I'm sure causes him pain. Best thing to do is take the dog to the vet and see what his/her recommendations are. The main thing here is what's best for your dog, to keep him pain and suffering free.

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I am curious as to why 'surgery is not an option ' .. If sugery is need to save your pet's life or to stop him from suffering .. Surgery may be the only option, other than euthanization.

What IS not an option is allowing your pet to suffer unspeakable pain ... THAT Is what is not an option.

Only your vet can best determine what is neccessary. If the vet says to not feed him .. then don't feed him.  Putting food into to his mouth that he is forced to swallow may only cause him worse pain and compromise his condition even moreso  .. it will not neccesarily  be digestible because of his condition. It may make things worse .. MUCH worse.  Please .. do not do anything without discussing it with your doctor.

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I know it is hard to hear, but if your dog has inoperable masses and is now refusing to eat, it might be time to make the kindest and hardest decision you will ever have to make as a pet owner. I had a dog who had a huge mass on his spleen, He could not have surgery because of his heart. The time finally came that I had to make a choice. Let him suffer or release him from his pain. It was hard, but it was right just to let him go. Maybe it is that time for you and your pup. At the very least take him to the vet and find out what your options are.

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