What Are Amphibious Animals?


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Amphibians are reptile creatures that can live on land as well as water and they can adapt their body temperatures to a number of conditions and environments in order to increase their survival chances.

- Types

There are various types of amphibians living on the planet and the largest type is the Anura amphibian. These reptiles amount to around 4,000 in the world and the appearance of them comes across as quite frog-like without tails. They have approximately nine or fewer vertebrae. Another type of amphibian is the Caudata group, which accumulates to around 420 species including newts and salamanders. These types have long bodies with legs that are equal size as well as notable tails. Lastly, the Gymnophona group of amphibians have a worm-like appearance as they are practically blind and have no legs to help them move around.

- Where Can You Find Them?

As mentioned above, amphibians can survive in both wet and dry places; however, in most cases you are likely to see these creatures in or near a pond or stream. This being because the majority of them need to keep their skin moist in order to live. However, look around the area of a pond because some amphibians reside under rocks in a wet environment. For example, salamanders are known to wedge themselves under rocks that are in a moist area. Amphibians such as frogs tend to locate to logs that are full of bugs and insects. This is because they are the main food source for certain amphibians, so expect to see some hunting in these areas.
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As the name suggest, an amphibious animal is an animal that can exist at two places and usually the places are water and land. There are numerous animals that fall under this category and some of them are frogs, snakes and crocodiles.

The word 'amphi' has various words as its derivation; we can use ambidextrous that means a person who can use both of his hands quite skilfully. As these animals are able to live at two places the name is attributed to them.

The second segment of the word comes from the 'bios' that means life and it has numerous uses also. We can find in biology that is a study of life or the more common word biography that is a written document of a person's life.

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