How Often Do Baby Birds Eat?


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Birds have a high metabolic rate and a high energy requirement. Bread crumbs and milk are not sufficient. Most baby birds are unable to feed themselves; normally the parents feed them, so putting bird seeds or worms in the box does no good. You have to put the food into the baby. At first you may have to pry open the beak to do this, but soon the bird will realize that you are the source of food (Momma) and will open its beak and squawk whenever it is hungry or when it hears you approach. Feed it when it asks for it. When it has enough it will collapse and sleep until it is hungry again.

5 to 6 times a day, depending on how active bird is.
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Try to mimick a adult birds schedule. First thing in the morning (around 6 a.m.) and every 1-2 hours at least until sunset. I have successfully hand rainsed several wild birds, but don't recommend it as the norm...only as a last resort when you can't find the nest. Allow exercise and handle gently. Provide a varied diet that is similar to the environment that you found the bird...worms, berries in a small amount, and bird seed if you normally have it in your bird feeder as the parent bird likely ate from it.
Good luck.

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Well its very simple depending on the type of bird and how old they are if there old enough you feed them worms and rarely berries and they can wait as long as 1 hour if you wait longer they might die but good luck!!! And they eat as little as 10 minutes and if they refuse to take it after feeding it some of the food it means there full and you should let them be
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Every 25-30 minutes. Night too.
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I found a baby bird today. He does have wings, How old might he be? I have been feeding him mushed up unsalted sun flower seeds and giving water with a clean food coloring bottle. He seems happy, but tonight will he let me know he is hungry?
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Supposedly they are supposed to eat and bathe a lot.
Sorry but thats all I know

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