From Time To Time, My Beagle Will Eat Grass Agressively, Throw Up, Wander In The House Licking The Floor And Eat Any Plants In The House. I Don't Know What Causes It. We Live In Several Differnt Places, But The Behavior Doesnt Occur During Travel?


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I have the same exact problem with my 3 year old beagle/basset hound mix, on occasion she goes into this mode where she is obsessed with licking the floor and eating grass until she vomits. It seems like she is trying to get anything in her stomach to throw up. I took her to the vet when this first occurred and he x-rayed her stomach and found that she had eaten rocks. However, this was three months ago and they should have passed by now which would have alleviated the symptoms, according to the vet. I did change her dog food to a softer food and it seems to have helped, she licks less often, but it does still occur on occasion.
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My Beagle goes through the same thing from time to time.  Its indigestion.  A
Gas-X or Tums will help.
Also, soothing their abdomen can help them with the passing of gas, burping them so to speak.

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